Realistic views

There’s a gritty realism to the artwork of Dean Mitchell. Where other artists like to romanticize the West—the lofty spires of Monument Valley, heroic cowboys battling nature atop a horse, cattle funneling into flower-dotted meadows—Mitchell turns to the authentic West, the West that never made it onto Fred Harvey postcards or Leanin’ Tree greeting cards.

“I just like to do my thing,” he says from his studio in Tampa, Florida. “I want my work to be all over the place, which is kind of how I create these pieces—never one at a time, but 30 all at once in the studio. I like to do all kinds of different things, from urban landscapes to portraits. I enjoy moving around and really focusing on these places that other painters aren’t painting. These are place that a lot of people call home.”

Read the rest of the article published on Western Art Collector magazine, February 2017