"Some of Mitchell's best work is a flawless realism that owes something to Neo-Classicism, but his subject matter is rigorously humane.  His is an original American Vision." - Christian Science Monitor


"As much as we might like to discover some trick that explains Mitchell's extraordinary skill, the fact is, he has nothing up his sleeve but hard-earned virtuosity." The Times - Picaynne New Orleans, Louisiana


"Mr. Mitchell is a virtual modern-day Vermeer of ordinary black people given dignity through the eloquence of his concentration and touch." - The New York Times

The Artist

Mitchell is well known for his figurative works, landscapes and still lifes.  In addition to watercolors, he is accomplished in other mediums, including egg temperas, oils and pastels.

Mitchell has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, American Artist, Artist Magazine, Fine Art International and Art News. Read more...

Where to Find Dean's Artwork

Dean's Art can be found in different galleries around the country, including Marie Brooks Gallery in Quincy, FL